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Hello, Readers!

I am Merrill Lad. I have set out on a journey to share my knowledge gained in law and divorce space with you all through this blog. This blog intends to spread valuable information on various hassle-free and low-cost ways to deal with separation and divorce.I hope separating families put the information to good use and walk out of atroubled relationship with dignity and security intact. Frankly speaking, it’s best if you can approach the court for sorting your issues as a last resort, not the first thing!
As separation and divorce cases are on rising in modern Australian societies, the information on how to handle separation and divorce effectively without knocking on the court’s door is not that widely known! That’s an irony. If there is something we are seeing every passing day, isn’t it desirable that we should have agood bunch of knowledge about that?
Here on my blog, you can explore effective alternatives to resolving your relationship issues such as mediation, arbitration, collaboration, and family dispute resolution. These alternative dispute resolution options are cost and time efficient and save you from mental turmoil you generally face while contesting your divorce case in court.
The mediation centres are set in family court premises to serve the separating families at reasonable cost.In fact, the courts prefer that the couple or partners have tried dispute resolution services before filing their divorce dispute case in the court.
For more practical and decisive arrangements, you can hire collaborative lawyers. Collaborative lawyers in Australia are exclusively trained in collaborative law. For your knowledge collaborative law focuses on bringing all the concerned parties on the table for discussion and arriving at mutually agreed separation arrangements. The collaborative team includes experts in property valuation and settlement, psychologists, legal advisors and any other skilledprofessional can be appointed as and when required in the process of resolution.
Herein, I strive to provide information for those, who are looking for some peace and sensible solution to the broken relationship. If you are raging with anger to revenge your soon-to-be-ex-partner, sorry, this site might not help much! Nevertheless, I suggest you go through the information.
The articles on this site are tailored to provide adequate knowledge on family dispute resolution choices so that it is helpful in taking informed call on how to handle your divorce.